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7801 Bay Branch Drive
The Woodlands, TX



Candidates are eligible to begin YEAR ONE in the Freshman year of High School. All required paperwork to receive the sacrament (birth certificate and baptismal certificate) will be submitted during YEAR ONE.  Please be sure you are subscribed to YEAR 1 FLOCKNOTE to receive the most up-to-date information.

Religious Education

Teens who are preparing for Confirmation will attend Life Nights on Sunday evenings in year one  of preparation, or be enrolled in a Catholic High School.   We highly encourage YEAR ONE candidates to attend the LifeTeen Fall Retreat.

Service project

YEAR ONE candidates will participate in a group service project.  Typically we will hold a Service Project in the Fall and Teens are encouraged to participate.  You may also find your own service project, but please contact us regarding this.  Please be sure you are receiving Year 1 Flocknote messages.  This is how we will send out Service Opportunities that arise throughout the year should you not be able to attend the Fall Service Project.



Select a sponsor

YEAR ONE candidates will select an eligible Confirmation Sponsor who will complete and submit the Sponsor Form. For information about Sponsors, and for the Sponsor Form, click below. SPONSOR FORMS TO BE SUBMITTED BEFORE REGISTRATION LINK FOR CONFIRMATION NIGHTS WILL BE SENT.

submit Confirmation paperwork

Candidates must submit a copy of their Baptismal Certificate and their Birth Certificate. To submit forms,  email copies to  You may also drop off copies at the Parish Office during normal business hours.