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Core Team Contract

Core Member Contract

Dear Core Member,

Thank you so much for saying “yes” to serving the teens of our parish and being an integral part in leading them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.

You should not underestimate the importance and gravity of the role you are taking on. As a Core Member, you are not only a catechist and spiritual mentor – you also take on the role of being a representative of the Church herself to teenagers. What they see in you will to some degree influence their view of the Church and Christ.

As a Core Team Member in St. Anthony Youth Ministry I agree to make the following commitments:


  • I commit to actively seek Jesus Christ in my daily life through prayer.

  • I commit to observing the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist as “the foremost holy day of obligation in the universal Church (CCC 2177)” and attend Mass every Sunday of the year.

  • I commit to actively living my life as a follower of Jesus. In doing this I commit to living the moral life prescribed by the Church and to be in good standing with the Catholic Church.

  • I commit to frequenting the Sacraments, particularly the Eucharist and Confession.

  • I commit to seeking the mercy of God at all times. When in a state of sin, I commit to seek His mercy through repentance and the Sacrament of Confession.


  • I commit to praying and interceding for the teens that are entrusted to me by name on a regular basis.

  • I commit to teaching what the Church teaches and never my own opinions while in my role as a Core Member.

  • I commit to ministering to the teens entrusted to me for a minimum of one school year.

  • I commit to the “ministry of presence” by attending all Youth Ministry nights (Life Nights, EDGE nights, Confirmation nights, Anchor Sessions) that I am a Core member for and by being present at Mass.

  • I commit to do my best in building intentional, Christ-centered relationships rooted in the Church with the teens entrusted to me both inside and outside the walls of the Church.

  • I commit to building community within the group of teens that I am entrusted with.

  • I commit to attend retreat with the teens unless otherwise discussed with my ministry Coordinator.


  • I commit to seek unity and relationships with other Core Members and pray for them.

  • I commit to attending and participating in Core Team Meetings or Core Advocate Meetings.

  • I commit to being prepared for all nights (Life Nights, EDGE Nights, Confirmation nights, Anchor Sessions) that I am a Core Member for prior to the event.

  • I commit to receiving the required training that is asked of me as a Core Team Member.

  • I commit to being VIRTUS trained within the first 6 weeks of the first ministry event.

You have answered the call to serve in Youth Ministry this year, and it is important to communicate the expectations and Ministry guidelines of being a Core Member at St. Anthony’s.  Here are the major expectations and commitments of being a Core member:

  • Life Night, Confirmation night, EDGE night, and/or Anchor Session – it is essential that you are there for the teens on your ministries given night. Building consistent relationships with the teens is the most important task of the Core member.

  • Be prepared for each Life Night, Confirmation night, EDGE night, and/or Anchor Session – Make sure you have gone over the topic for the night. Especially prepare the portions of the night/session that you are leading.

  • Build Community within small groups – find appropriate ways outside of Life Night, Confirmation Class, and/or EDGE Night occasionally to build relationships with your small group.

  • Core meetings

  • Pray for your teens!

  • VIRTUS trained (within the first 6 weeks if you have not been already)

By checking below I am indicating that I have thoroughly read through the above commitments and agree to them. I understand that any serious breach of these commitments on my part might result in me being removed from Core Team. I will constantly strive to live out the mission of St. Anthony Youth Ministry to lead teens into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church and will always seek to rely not on myself, but on the grace that comes from the Lord – knowing that I am imperfect, unfinished, and a work in progress but that the grace and mercies of the Lord “are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).”

I understand and agree to the aforementioned commitments and expectations. *
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