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The Woodlands, TX


+ONE Lifeteen


Speaking to young people at World Youth Day years ago, St. John Paul II said: “The Church needs your energies, your enthusiasm, your ideals, in order to make the Gospel of life penetrate the fabric of society.” Every teen not only belongs in our Church, they are needed in this parish. Every baptized teen is a son or daughter of God the Father and this place – God’s house – is their house. As a parish, we have the duty to welcome our young brothers and sisters recognize who they are: an essential part of the family of God. We must give them a place where they can meet Jesus and know his love. Secular studies show that teens with at least one mentor or caring adult in their lives in addition to (+ONE) their parents have the best chance at success. This reality is even more essential to a teen’s faith: As caring adults and “older siblings” in God’s family, Core Team members offer themselves as the vitally important +ONE in a teen’s journey of faith and seek to be a catalyst in the deepening of each teen’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Core Member is:

  • Someone who is called by God and has a heart to lead teens to a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • An adult responding to their Baptismal call to spread the Gospel
  • An “older sibling” in the family of God who is a model for teens of faithfulness to Christ and obedience to the Church
  • Any age, personality, and background so that the program is able to reach out to all types of teens

Roles and Responsibilities

Spiritually, Core Members…

  • Actively seek Christ daily and have a desire to grow in faith
  •  Live a life in the Church and are constantly nourished in the Sacraments

As part of a team, Core Members…

  • Seek unity and relationships with other Core Members and pray for them
  • Participate in Core Team Meetings
  • Are prepared prior to each Life Night
  • Commit to a minimum of one school year

In ministering to the teens, Core Members…

  • Attend the Youth Ministry Core Team Retreat and commit to ongoing training
  • Build intentional, Christ-centered relationships rooted in the Church with the teens in their small group
  • Commit to “ministry of presence” by attending all Life Nights (Sundays, 7:30-9:00pm) and being present at Mass
  • Build community with their small group especially through the Life Teen Retreat (September 2-3) and by periodically creating social opportunities for or joining in Youth Ministry Outreach opportunities with their small group

Can I Do This?

Core members do NOT need to have degrees in Theology or Psychology OR need to be a gifted speaker, know everything about teen culture, etc. You will receive training prior to the first Life Night that will make sure you are well prepared and comfortable to do a phenomenal job as a Core Member. Throughout the year we will also have training opportunities in meetings and as a Core Member you will have exclusive access to ongoing experiential, pastoral and theological training online specifically designed for Youth Ministers and Core Members created by Life Teen and Franciscan University of Steubenville. Within the first six months of starting, a Core member will also receive VIRTUS safe environment training as prescribed by the Archdiocese.

Aside from training, we want to make sure you thrive in your role as a Core Member. If you are a parent of a teen you will have the advantage of knowing what your teen is experiencing in the program while being able to work with other parents on the team. If you are a married couple with a growing family, we will provide childcare for your younger ones so that you have the peace of mind knowing that they are well cared for and so you are able to give your undivided attention to the teens you have the privilege of ministering to. If you are a young adult this will be an amazing opportunity to connect with other faithful Catholic young adults while sharing a common goal of leading teens to Christ. Whatever season of life you are in, if you love Jesus and love teens, you can do this. Be the +ONE that a teen needs.

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