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The Woodlands, TX

Parent Life

A joint project between Life Teen and Adult Faith Formation to supply the parents of our parish with the gospel and connect it to the content of your teen's youth ministry.


Parent Life is a joint project between Life Teen and Adult Faith Formation to build a bridge between you and your teenager's faith formation. We will meet once a month at the same time that Life Teen is meeting (7:30pm) and dismiss at the same time, too (9:00pm).

There is no cost. There is no obligation to attend. There's no guilt trips here. Only an invitation to connect with your teens, with other parents, and with your parish home.

Come and see.

Parent Life Spring 2014:

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Part One: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? (February 16th)

Your vocation is more than your job or career. Your vocation is the way you find meaning for your life and a mission with your life. It is unique to you. No one else in human history will live your story.

 Your life, your marriage, your parenthood- these are meant to give you meaning and mission, but why do so many people find them exhausting instead of life-giving?

Part Two: Question Everything (March 2nd)

A lot of people will give you advice based on their own life experience. Sometimes that’s great. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit. You have your own past. You have your own goals for the future. And honestly, sometimes other people just cannot understand your present situation.

Part of this question of knowing and living our vocation involves the need for discernment, for making wise decisions big and small, from “Should I go out tonight?” to “How are we going to raise our kids?”

It all centers on your own answer to this one question.

Part Three: Modeling Clay (April 6th)

What big accomplishments do you define as a “win” in your relationship with your kids? Is it a win when they come home on curfew? Is it when your son treats his mom or sister with respect? We all want the best for our kids, but how do we know when it is working?

 Raising kids is difficult enough in today’s world, but we have one word that can change the way you think about parenting. This one word will change the way you relate to your spouse, the way you treat your faith, even how to drive in the car. This one word will give you, guaranteed, a whole new perspective on life, marriage and parenting.  

Parent Life Fall 2013:

Parent Life Fall 2013.png

I. BODY OF TRUTH | september 29, 2013

When was the last time you heard a homily on sex or intimacy? They aren't necessarily popular topics in church.

But because of this silence, even faithful Catholics have no clue what the Church thinks about sex and relationships. Some of us have received mixed messages: "Sex is dirty and disgusting, so you should save it for someone that you love." What?!

Maybe this describes you and your spouse. Either way, it's time we catch hold of the gospel's view of sex, marriage, and happiness.

We need more than abstinence or even chastity. We need a grand, sweeping vision of human love in the divine plan that says "Yes" to the beauty, truth, and goodness in human love. And is practical to my life, my marriage, my parenthood.

Welcome to the Theology of the Body.

II. THE PRICE OF RESTORATION | october 20, 2013

Our culture has done an excellent job to market sexual myths to us our entire lives. Buying into these myths can spell disaster for our marriages, our parenthood, and our faith. The most powerful remedy we have is to find and speak the truth to these myths, even if that means shouting at the mirror.

10, 12, maybe even 20 years ago you said "I do". You made a promise that lasts a lifetime, but when you were in your twenties, could you even imagine what life and marriage would be like at 30, 40, or 50 years old?

We return to the wisdom of the Gospels and the Theology of the Body to embrace Christ's grace of redemption and restoration.

After all, you are not your own. You were bought with a price. 

III. UNLEASH YOUR VOCATION | november 17, 2013

Change the climate of your marriage. Don't let bitter storms crush your hope and rob your joy in relationships. Following Christ as a parent, as a spouse, may be more complicated than going it alone, but you can unleash the sacramental power of your vocation.

Don't let life happen to you. Learn to be a thermostat, and not a thermometer.