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2015-2016 Life Teen & EDGE Registration

Please follow the steps below to register for our EDGE and Life Teen Programs:

  1. Get a Paduan Portal account. In order to better serve you, all of our St. Anthony programs are moving to online registration.  Click here and start the process. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Do this first!

  2. Make sure you are a Registered Parishioner.  If you would like to receive the parishioner rate for our Faith Formation programs, click here for Parish Registration.

    • Why do I need to be a registered parishioner?

      St. Anthony of Padua is a vibrant, growing parish made up of many members of the Body of Christ.   As parishioners, we form community, worship together, celebrate the sacraments, and strive to educate ourselves and our children about our beautiful Faith.  We believe Our Lord call us beyond membership to become His true disciples and live as One Body in Christ.

      How do I prove that I am a Registered Parishioner?

      Whenever anyone registers as a St. Anthony Parishioner they are assigned a PARISHIONER NUMBER.  This is the same number that is/was on your donation envelopes.  Enter this Parishioner Number on the Online Registration forms and you are eligible to receive the Parishioner Rate for Faith Formation programs.  Non-registered parishioners will pay a surcharge for St. Anthony Faith Formation Programs.  Only St. Anthony Parishioners may participate in Sacramental Preparation and Teen Confirmation.

      What if I don't know my Parishioner Number?

      If you do not know your parishioner number or would like to verify your parishioner status, email with your First and Last name and mailing address and we will reply within 24-48 hours.

  3. Register For (Click the program that corresponds with the grade the teen is in for 2015-2016):

  4. Complete the Archdiocesan Medical and Liability Waiver (Click Here)

*Disclaimer: Life Teen is open to ALL 9-12 grade teens (Not just teens seeking to satisfy the 1 year faith formation prerequisite for Confirmation). For those seeking to satisfy the prerequisite year before registering for Confirmation: Those registering for Life Teen after October 11, 2015 will not be eligible to register for Confirmation 2016-2017, but are of course welcome to register for Life Teen and attend Life Nights and Youth Ministry events! We require one year of faith formation (Life Teen) prior to entering the Confirmation program. There is a maximum allowance of 4 absences at Life Nights throughout the year to maintain eligibility for Confirmation 2016-2017.